The idea for this book began when my teacher gave me a class assignment to write about the water cycle from the point of view of a water droplet.  I love writing, and when I got the assignment, I was excited.  Ideas instantly started popping into my head, including a little water droplet named Lily who is about to go through the water cycle for the first time.

The one paragraph assignment turned into a 2 1/2 page story about Lily Droplet and her water cycle adventure.  My parents read my story and thought it was very good.  They thought it was good enough to become a children's book.  We knew the book would not go very far without illustrations.  Luckily, my Aunt Danielle is an amazing, talented artist, and we asked her to illustrate the book.  She said yes, and soon, based on an early drawing I made of a water droplet, my aunt created Lily who was born into a cute, lovable character.

During the course of the book, Lily goes through the water cycle for the first time and gets to experience all the wonders of the cycle.  She has many friends and relatives, and each of them has his/her own unique personality which each expresses in the many pages of the book.

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